Spotify for Podcasters, the launch of Spectacles 3, Twitch problems and why my campaign barely spend?

Spotify for Podcasters is now available for everyone. Small and big audio publishers can publish the podcasts in Spotify. Spotify for Podcasters includes analytics insights about the episodes.

And Snapchat launched a new version of Spectacles. Spectacles 3 uses 2 cameras capturing the world in 3D. Users can use Spectacles to create snaps.

Twitch now has more competition, and more problems, says Digiday. This month, Ninja, a popular streamer, left Twitch for Microsoft-owned rival Mixer, and streamers were banned from the platform after mistreating animals and use racist language.

On Reddit the question asked is: What to do when facebook ads are barely spending? Facebook is lacking insights in the platform when a campaign stops spending. Is it due to frequency? bidding? pacing?

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